Sony Announces New PlayStation 1
Sony Announces New PlayStation

Today Sony Announces New PlayStation Plus:- We have been expecting the release of a new service by Sony to rival Microsoft’s game pass. Although, people say that this decision of Microsoft is making them regret it as they are facing a huge loss because Game Pass did not prove to be profitable for Microsoft.

So, the real question that come up was, will Sony launch a service just to rival Microsoft’s Game Pass even though it is not profitable? Sony does not even have an equal amount of monetary support to bear the losses efficiently as Microsoft.

Sony Announces New PlayStation
Sony Announces New PlayStation

Well, evidently the answer to the question is ‘No’. Sony has revealed the launch of a new three-tiered revamp of the PlayStation Plus, and hiding behind this launch are some new and interesting additions along with the presence of the previous services.

To simplify it we must break it into small bits to comprehend what is going on and what are the things that can be expected from June. Firstly, PlayStation Plus Essential is the new name of Play Station Plus but this does not matter because everything is supposed to stay the same.

Buyers will get access to multiplayer gaming, discounts, two free games per month, and cloud saves. The same services were provided before as well and hence there are no major changes.

Secondly, buyers can purchase the package of PlayStation Plus Extra which already consists of all the services of PlayStation Plus Essential and additionally gives access to the PS4 PS5 games catalog from which buyers and download and play.

This includes popular games like Returnal, Spiderman: Miles Morales, and God of War. Thirdly, the package of Sony Play Station Plus Premium includes all the contents of 2022 Sony PlayStation Plus Extra along with 340 more games in the catalog along with an amazing mix of PS3 games and PS1, and PS2, games that can be downloaded and played. It also allows buyers to try a game before purchasing.

Hence, it is clear that Sony is not looking for rivaling Microsoft Game Pass. Instead, they believe in their previous game model and wish to stick around with it.

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