Minka Kelly and Trevor Noak break up again

Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly have gone back to apart after breaking up and then reuniting. 

it's "100% Over " between the Daily Show host an the actress.

According to an insider, Trevor and Minka were not in the same boat. "She is very disappointed," the insider said. " They went around in circles, and eventually ended up in the same spot. it didn't work." 

It appers the comedian is back on the dating scene, as the said Trevor is dating.

News in August 2020 revealed that they were said to have been in a relationship for "several months" and were living together. The report also stated the two were " getting serious." 

They believe that things will go according to plan and they'll be able to observe how things go. 

The news broke in May of that year that the couple had dissolved their relationship.