How to get the Chica skin in

Where can you find it.?

There are three types of headwear available, along with the three jackets. The first style has no headwear.

Chica can be seen wearing sunglasses or a mask in the second and third styles.

How to Get the Chica Fortnite Skin?

Chica Cup will begin on May 5, 2022. Players will compete in the Zero Builder Duos mode for points 

Here's how the Chica Cup scoring will work:

– Victory Royale: 25 Point – 2nd: 22 Point – 3rd: 20 Point – 4th: 18 Point – 5th: 17 Point – 6th: 16 Point – 7th: 15 Point – 8th: 14 Point – 9th: 13 Point

Chica Fortnite Skin Release Date

Chica is part of the Chica set. It was released during Season 2, Chapter 3 on May 8, 2022. It is available for purchase at 1,500 V-Bucks.

How many points do you need to get the chica skin in Fortnite?

Chica Was Here Spray is available to those who earn eight points. You'll need the Chica skin to earn the remaining five points.

Chica ICON Series skin style

Chica’s ICON Series skin has five different styles, which include: – Prismatic Streak Style – Default Style – Royale Streak Style – Shades Style – Hunter Mask Style

Chica’s Fun Run Code

Chica's Fun Run was created by the creator team Kyber Creative. 


You can take the obstacle course, which involves a lot more falling, by entering the island code 8432-7199-637.