Arina Grande gets slammed by fans for wearing  'inappropriate' attire to brother's wedding

Do not take a deep breath. Ariana Grande is an icon! Ariana Grande was targeted by her social media accounts for posting her dress, which was worn in two pieces at Frankie's brother's wedding prior to Hale Leon. 

Frankie 39 wrote in his post, which he posted on May 10 with the following caption "I got married on May 4th in a private galactic ceremony at my parents' Florida home in Hale, stay with you because we were crazy.

It was an amazing ceremony, led by my incredible mother. It brought us closer to one another as we exchanged vows before our families, and before the gaze of the Almighty,

Arina and fashion-forward Vera Wang shared photos of the dress she wore to the wedding reception, shortly after the couple announced that they were engaged. Some of the fans were elated by the pop singer's choice of her outfit, while others were critical of her attire.

What's the reason that you dress in a way that could be noticed at the wedding? It's rude, unprofessional, and unprofessional" one Twitter user said. Someone else replied, "It's her brothers' wedding, which featured themed"STAR WARS...and this isn't just a traditional wedding, but it's a gay wedding"

Another criticism of social media was "So outrageous." The social media are screaming " I'm a celebrity! " Then, they replied, " People said it was her brother's wedding however, it's her day, and all focus should be on her. " Some of her followers were defending her appearance in her response to criticism.

"OK, first of all, there is no bride, it is her brother's wedding, and second, she can wear whatever she wants, and finally she's Ariana Grande and one of the most famous people in the world, so it's gotta be a lot of attention no matter what she wears, " one person told.