What is VPN & VPN Service How to Use in Computer and Mobile Phones

Hello friends, today we will talk about VPN Service and what is the USE of VPN, like in your life, Daily Internet will be used, you find many such things on the internet

What we do not want to show to anyone else, we have to get the help of VPN Network. All our personal document photos, data, etc. on our phone and computer. We do not want to see anyone else and we want to keep it hidden is.

And that document photos, we do not want to keep data on a mobile computer. If we save that document on the Internet, then we have to be careful with hackers, because the hacker will not take much time to steal our data –

as I told you earlier that the Public IP Adress  You can track Adress in every corner you can get an article To prevent hackers, we do it with VPN Service, so that we can keep our data secure. Let’s know about VPN

What Is VPN?.

Now we will know that VPN is its full form is Virtual Private Network. We use VPN to secure our connection. We take the help of VPN Network to keep the work we do on the Internet for private purposes

Mobile में VPN Service कैसे लगायें-.

When we install VPN Network then whatever we do on the Internet remains completely secure. And nobody can follow us Can not steal our data. We can see all types of websites, whether Ban or Block can be checked by VPN Network

Who Makes The Most Use of  VPN Service?

It is used by most people who have a business or any blog or high-level companies, that is why most people use VPN, why companies want to keep their data safe, such as people in any company,

their data Share via email Or if there is a meeting then the video conference is done and they use VPN Network to secure the contents of the video conferencing and the data shared to the ETC.

VPN Services

And Same Work belongs to Blogger, Blogger uses VPN Service to follow another compatriot and check the other country’s website. Many websites are banned in any country,

VPN Connection is very important for opening Ban website without it can not open its Ban website, anybody uses VPN Network to open Ban website.

And that website will be open. It is very important to use VPN Service if these people do not use VPN, then those who have their computers, understand their planning, and let them track and then steal their data

You must have gone to the society that what is VPN Service is small means to secure yourself, nobody knows what you are sharing the document or what you are searching for on the Internet.

What other websites are open? Meaning you do anything on the Inter and nobody will know

How To Connect VPN Service In Computer ?.

It is very easy to install VPN Service on a computer. You are using any search engine. You can use VPN Network in all, you can also run VPN Service Free. And Paid VPN Service can also be used. You get some extra features when you install paid VPN and you get a limited feature in Free VPN.

install VPN in computer

In order to start using Free VPN, you will have to download Opera Developer on your computer. Many websites will be available on Google to download it from After you install VPN extension,

you have to go to the settings of the extension and then you will have to click on privacy. You will then have to enable Vpn, After processing this much, your VPN Network will become active.

You can open any website and also change the location of your Ip Adress

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How To Connect VPN Service In Mobiles ?.

Using VPN services in mobile is easier than a computer. There are many such smartphones in which VPN Network is already provided, if you want to check, you will know in your phone’s seat after which the more name option will come. He will click.

install VPN in phone

If your phone has a VPN Network then you can also activate it from it. If not, you will have to download VPN by going to the play store of your mobile as you will be able to get all the application done which will be good ratings. Will take it.


Thank you very much all of you who completed this article. I have tried my best to give you all the information about how to use VPN Service and if you do not understand the information then you can submit the question to the comment box. Your question will be answered immediately

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