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Ullu Web Series Download [18+] | Hindi Ullu Original Web Series 1080;- Latest Ullu web series is the talk of the town and everyone loves to spend their time binge-watching programs on their own. Ullu Official Website is one of these OTT platforms wherein you can stream a series of your choice.

Owned and maintained by Vibhu Agarwal, Ullu is an app that presents to you one of the finest short and crisp series with an exceptional kind of content for mature viewers who are 18+ in age.

You can either stream the content online on the Ullu app itself or go for Ullu web series download free on your phone through the app. Their content attracts viewers from almost every corner of India.

The deal with Ullu web series Download free is that the kind of series you will find here are mostly adult based and focuses on the audience who are matured. It offers content that is similar to Alt Balaji, but let me tell you- the content that Ullu offers is bigger and better in number if compared to Alt Balaji.

Ullu Web Series Download

The storyline of every series in Ullu makes better sense than the stories we watch on Alt Balaji. Plus. The audience over Ullu Tv Series is larger than that of the latter.

There are a number of best web series on Ullu that you can stream or download and watch. If we were to talk about its safety and legality, you need not worry as it is an on-demand streaming platform that provides series in various regional languages.

The price for a subscription is affordable. You can directly take a year’s subscription for ₹99 or a three-month-pack for a monthly pack of ₹36. One just can’t say no to that, right?

Moving on, we would talk about the Top 10 Ullu Web Series that you can watch on the Ullu app. The series, as mentioned above, are short and crisp. Therefore,

there won’t be an additional burden of completing a season after another- which honestly becomes quite boring after a point. The time span is short which can enable you to finish off five or ten episodes in a go!


In this part, we will be taking a look at such the best web series on Ullu that have caught the eyes of the audience. The series that are mentioned have some of Ullu latest release dates,

but their popularity is as well as it was when they were streamed. People still search for them and binge watch them. We have collected Top Famous web series in Ullu App that will never, ever disappoint you.

  • RITI RIWAJ ( Tijarat )

Let’s take a look at the series trending on Ullu in 2020:


The show, Virgin Boys Web Series on Ullu has been directed by Raj Thakur, and by far, the show has just one season that you can enjoy on the Ullu app.

Plot overview-  Virgin Boys Web Series is a comedy-drama that revolves around three guys- Chuchu, Chomu, and Gagan who are ready to spice up their lives as all of them want to lose their virginity and explore more of their sex lives. And interestingly,

all of this happens when these three guys in the show bump into three girls that turn their boring lives upside down! Virgin Boys’ web series is a hit in the Ullu app. The show has already been released on the 3rd of July 2020. You have to watch it yourself to experience all the fun this series has to offer!


The director of the Riti Riwaj Web Series is Zeeshan Ahmed and is streamed and a hit among the top Ullu web series download lists. The show was released on the 1st of May, 2020. Starring Paras Babbar, Monika Chauhan, and Swati Agarwal, Riti Riwaj (Haldi) is a series that explores the sex life of a married couple right after their marriage- precisely focusing on everything followed by the ‘Haldi ceremony.

Plot overview- The entire story of Riti Riwaj Web Series focuses on Betrayal. The betrayal that is essentially felt by the wife when she gets to know about her husband’s love affair with another woman in the house she is married. She certainly is not happy and throws the woman out of the house who later seeks revenge.

Things are not as simple as it seems. There is a huge plot twist that makes you curious enough to stay engrossed. And in order to find out that twist, you have to watch the show & Download Latest Ullu Web series You would find it on the Ullu app itself.

RITI RIWAJ ( Tijarat )

Directed by Raghubeer Singh, Riti Riwaj (Tijarat) is a show that brings forth another dark side of custom. For better understanding, let me give you some context.

Plot overview-  Focusing on the women from the Bedaniya community from Madhya Pradesh, India- these women, who are deprived of the idea of the institution of marriage and are actually not allowed to marry as well,

Riti Riwaj Tijarat web series has shown you the story of one such woman who is forced to participate in the famous Rai Dance Ceremony and enchant the men there to claim the highest bid on her.

The story carries on and shows you how this ceremony confides this woman who wants to break free of it, but unfortunately faces an ugly consequence. To find out, you can watch this Riti Riwaj Tijarat web series that is streaming on Ullu. The show was released on the 29th of May, 2020.


Directed by Deepak Pandey, Kasak Web Series that shows us a nurse who dedicated her life to the service of others but suddenly meets an unfortunate situation. The cast of the story has Ihana Dhillon, Minissha Lamba, Vineet Raina, Priya Marathe, Reema Vohra, Puja Mukherjee, and Sanjay Gurbaxani. The story of Kasak has two parts.

Plot overview- This nurse in the Kasak web series on Ullu is raped because of which she is left semi-comatose. Kasak Series released on the 5th of June, 2020. It essentially can be related to the Aruna Shanbaug case from 1973 who was assaulted by a ward boy in the hospital.

This had later become a big deal that questioned our law system to provide the girl justice. Kasak web series is such a series that can be an eye-opener to the young viewers and can also force them to change their perception.


Another one directed by Deepak Pandey, The Bull of Dalal Street Web Series based on a true incident from 1992. In the series, you’d see Ashmit Patel, Iqbal Khan, Kunal Verma, and Naina Chhabra.

Plot overview- The massive scam that ever had happened in Dalal Street from Mumbai is what this series is focused on. Harshal Mehta who had gambled his way in the stock market became a big deal because of his charming personality.

Find out what all does he have to face when he has immersed himself entirely in this swamp and eventually leads him where. Like a coin, Harshal Mehta’s life has a parallel side that keeps the viewers at the edge of their seats. The story has an interesting plot and storyline that can keep you hooked.

The Bull of Dalal Street Web Series has gained a lot of viewers with a really good response. So, without wasting your time, go watch it already or simply go to the Ullu web series download to binge watch it later on. HURRY!


Ghapa Ghap is another adult series that is directed by Gaurav Kumar Bajaj. The cast includes Pamela Mondal, Shashank Mishra, Ashish Sablawat, Nikhil Mehta, Sumit Gahlawat, and Naveen Kumar.  This show was released on the 18th of February, 2019 but it still attracts a number of viewers to it.

Plot overview- Ghapa Ghap web series begins with a married couple making out with each other, but unfortunately are faced by some goons who rob them. Things don’t end here.

These robbers decide to beat the husband black and blue. You must be wondering why right? For that watch the series and find out yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


A direction of Jonatan Etzler, Intercourse Web Series that casts Amalia Holm Bjelke and Marcus Vögeli. This series was released on the 5th of April, 2020

Plot overview- The Intercourse Web Series On Ullu talks about this young married couple who are having sex and in the midst of it, the husband cracks a joke which becomes quite serious.

Along with that, we also see how the story talks about basic human nature while it shows how a person has to choose between what one really wants genuinely and out of desperation.

The story of the Intercourse Web Series is really interesting to watch as it holds your entire attention. Intercourse is such a web series that appeals realistically to the audience and can come out as something different from the rest of the series.

To find out the details in depth, watch it on the Ullu app. It is one of the best web series on Ullu.

This was all about the latest and the most-watched series from Ullu to watch. In case you haven’t got the time to binge-watch all the series at once, you can always go for the Ullu web series download to watch it later.

Honestly, the best part about these series is, of course, their short span that can explain so much to you without letting you lose your interest because of unnecessarily long scenes and dialogues. Everything is summed up short and crisp.

Every Ullu Latest Web series mentioned above can be found in the app itself. So, you have to check them out and enjoy them thoroughly one day at a time! How interesting is that now, right?

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