transfer photos from iPhone to android

how do transfer photos from iPhone to android without a computer This question is being searched a lot on Google but people are not getting the right information and people are wasting their time on fake blogs today we are going to tell you about this post. Will tell 100% working tricks through which you will learn how to transfer iPhone to android photos without computer photos very easily.

If you search the same question on Google, you will get many answers that you can do, but we will tell you the same methods that we have tried, we will not talk about some of the methods that some bloggers tell, easily transfer photos from iPhone to Android phone. There are some easy ways to do this with the help of applications available on your phone’s App Store and Google Play Store.

I will tell you some names by which you can transfer photos from your iPhone to your Android phone AnyTrans, PhotoSync, SendAnywhere, and google photos, I have used this app and I have transferred all photos from my iPhone to another Android phone. Let us know some easy ways to transfer photos from iPhone to an Android phone.

How to Transfer Photos from Google Photos

The first and easiest way is the Google Photos app, with the help of which you can transfer your photos from one phone to another in a very short time, and this app is available on both the App Store and Play Store. To transfer, first of all, this app has to be installed on both phones.

After the app is installed on both phones, you will have to log in to Google Photos with your email ID, after login email ID, select all your photos and upload them to Google Photos after some time go to Google’s Photos settings and click the sync button. Click on it and give it some more time as it takes some time for the images to upload.

After that, sign in to the Google Photos app on the other phone with the email ID with which you signed in to your Google Photos, go to Google Photos settings, and press the sync button on that too and the phone will sync for some time. Give it slowly, and all those photos will start appearing on your phone.

All those photos will start coming which were uploaded from your iPhone, you can also download these photos if you want, and also whenever you log in to this email in Google Photos, you will see all these photos.

Friends rest of the applications are third-party applications so I will never suggest you use those applications and hope you have got the answer to the question of how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android without a computer.

If there is any problem in transferring the photos, then you can also tell us through the comment and we will immediately tell you how to solve those problems through the comment.

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