How To Make a door in minecraft

As we all know that doors are the most important part of our homes and in the very same way it is one of the most important things in the game “Minecraft”. It is kind of mandatory for every building to have a door because, without one, murderous gangs can come and target for robbery or even kill you. To know how to make a door in Minecraft, follow this step-by-step guide: 

How to make a wooden door in Minecraft?

So, from where do your house starts? Of course from a door. Similarly, in Minecraft, all homes start with wooden doors because they are inexpensive and easy to install. Yes, it is very obvious that is it not as strong as an iron door but still, it is enough somewhere.

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To have a tree log, all you need is a tree first and then prepare your axe. After this, you have to choose any section of the tree and gently left-click on it. Just by doing this, one of the logs will fall and then you need to gather it up to make a door in Minecraft.

  • Build a door out of wood using six boards. Wooden planks may be crafted by inserting wood into the appropriate slot in the crafting menu. You can improvise a workbench out of four boards arranged in a square if you don’t have one.
  • Set the crafting menu to 6 wooden planks, three tall, and two broads. The result will be a single wooden door. These doors may have varying looks depending on the kind of wood used. It follows that you might choose between doors made of oak or even jungle wood. 

How To Make an Iron Door in Minecraft?

Every kid knows that iron doors are far more durable and difficult to damage as compared to traditional wooden ones. The only shortcoming of making an iron door in Minecraft is that it can only be opened by pressing a button, adding pressure on a panel, or pulling a lever. The steps of making include:

  • First of all, take iron bars and arrange them beautifully like a door. But how you will get the iron bars? So there are two methods available for acquiring it that is Crafting and Smelting.
  • Make two parallel columns out of these iron bars, using the same pattern as the wooden planks, and woohoo you got your strong iron door which will surely protect you harder than a wooden door.

How To Make a Secret Door in Minecraft?

Wanna know a secret about how to make a secret door in Minecraft? Shh! Here’s the answer. So the use of one’s working place as a “back door” is the best option. Why? Because no one can ever think that there can be any secret door to hide all the precious treasures behind someone’s workplace.

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More importantly, it is easy to implement and does not need any sort of sticky pistons or a Redstone box. If you prefer to implement the method of making a secret door in Minecraft by yourself then please see the detailed instructions below:

  • The first thing is to make a cavity (whole) in the wall and it must be a little wider than the usual door size.
  • Now, place various kinds of symbols on the sides of the entry so that at least you can recall where is your secret door and can hang your artwork.
  • So this is one of the most important parts as here you need to cover that complete thing with your artwork or paintings or anything else so that no one can even doubt that area.
  • What next? Nothing because now you have a secret door in Minecraft for complete protection.

How to make a Hidden Door in Minecraft?

Here’s the fun part because now we will let you know about the easiest way to make a hidden door in Minecraft. You might be thinking what is the reason to have a hidden door? So, putting valuables behind a hidden door is the best way to prevent or protect them from being stolen by any thief or even zombie. Here is the simplest step-by-step answer on how to make a hidden door in Minecraft:

  • Firstly, for a secret entrance make a door-shaped hole in the wall.
  • To hang the picture, you must first install two signs within the entryway. Signs are utilized because they clear a path through an entrance.
  • Finally, you may hang your artwork over the damaged area of the wall. It’s intended that the painting be transparent enough to allow for unhindered passage.



Above we witnessed a brief explanation of how to make a door in Minecraft. I hope that the page fulfilled all your expectations. In Minecraft, a player like you can choose from a number of different door styles. They range from fully automated to more traditional methods.

If you plan on leaving the door fixed in one spot, they are your best bet. They’re also simpler to build since they don’t need a foundation. Having a door prevents unwanted guests from swarming into your house.

Every progression through the game grants access to new areas and more options. The comments area is here for you to let us know if you have any more questions or suggestions.

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