how to get magical chest
how to get magical chest

Clash Royale is a game that’s pretty simple for the most part. By accessing cards into scaling up the tiers, it isn’t complicated. But, it’s surely quite tough. Is it true that the match-up system gets fairly unfair sometimes, it requires a lot of strategy and elixir management to win games?

But 1 myth that we’ll bust straight off is that you want a magical chest to win games. That is so not correct. You don’t require legendary games to win games and there are lots of choices to them.

However, one myth that we will float right off is that you would like a magical chest to acquire matches. That’s so not accurate. You do not require a legendary card to win matches and there are lots of options for them.

We will discuss how to get a magical chest on Clash Royale in this article. But with no additional ado, these are the very best ways you can get magical chest cards for free in Clash Royale.

Best Way To Get Free Magical Chest

The arrangement of chests that you win from war is already predetermined. In case you’ve got an open chest slot and you win a war, you’ll find the next chest at the sequence. Every 40 chests, you receive a giant card or a magic chest.

Super Magical Chest and Legendary Chests are now random and will replace any Card at the cycle, though there’s a greater chance that they’ll replace a giant or magical chest.

Magical Chests Clash Royale

  • Earned by winning battles or Purchasing in the shop (320-800 gems depending on arena level)
  • Takes 12 hours or 72 gems to unlock
  • ·Contains gold, cards, and sometimes gems
  • Each time you go up an area level, the gold and cards received increases

Magical chest ( Arena Mode )

There are eight arenas in the game and at each a Magical chest will contain:

  • 250 – 950 gold coins depending on the arena level.
  • 30-113 cards which may be common, rare, or epic.
  • Each Magical chest will contain a guaranteed 8-30 rare cards and 1-3 epic cards depending on the arena level

Magical Chest Items In clash Royale

There are numerous ways to get Magical chest Items in Clash Royale. You can get Magic Chest Items in Clash Royale through the following routes:

  • Chests (Wild Cards only)
  • Pass Royale
  • Trophy Road
  • Special Challenges
  • Global Tournaments
  • The Shop

A thorough graph with the sum of cards and gold in Magical chests at every arena level is available here.

Free ChestsWinning Battles in Tutorial, Collecting for free every 4 hours91-104 Gold – 13 Cards (1 Rare)
Crown ChestsCollecting 10 Crowns from Arenas every 24 hours574-656 Gold – 82 Cards (8 Rares)
Silver ChestsWinning in the online Arenas65-91 Gold – 13 Cards (1 Rare)
Gold ChestsWinning in the online arenas205-287 Gold – 41 Cards (4 Rares)
Magical ChestsPurchased in Shop, Winning in the online arenas615-861 Gold – 123 Cards (24 Rares, 4 Epics)
Giant ChestsPurchased in Shop, Winning in the online arenas1640-2296 Gold – 328 Cards (32 Rares)
Super Magical ChestsPurchased in Shop, Winning in the online arenas3690-5166 Gold – 738 Cards (147 Rares, 24 Epics)
Epic ChestsPurchased in Shop, Winning the online arenas20 Epics
Legendary ChestsPurchased in Shop, Winning in the online arenas1 Legendary from any Arena
Draft ChestsAt the end of each season if your above 4,000 trophiesVaries depending on which league you’re in
Clan Chests1,600 total crwons in clan battle chest weekend (For Level 10)1,620 Gold – 270 Cards (27 Rares, 2 Epics)
Clan Battle Chests275 total wins in clan battle chest weekend (For Level 10)1,620 Gold – 270 Cards (27 Rares, 2 Epics)
Tournament ChestsAfter playing a tournamentVaries depending on the place in the tournament
Challenges ChestsAfter playing challengesVaries depending on wins


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