How to change character in Fortnite,

How To Change Character In Fortnite -100% Official Guide For Beginners:- Fortnite is counted among the best free-to-play games, this game is loved by people of all ages because it is the best online game to pass your time, it will not let you get bored in any way – Fortnite Game Available on all devices (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Xbox Playstation)

New players face many problems while playing Fortnite games. We will know about a problem in the same problem – how to change character in Fortnite – a new player will get the solution of this problem in this article, so you have to read the article very comfortably.

How To Change Character In Fortnite

After a lot of searching on the internet, you must have found this article and we assure you 100% that we will try to explain in a very easy step how to change the character in Fortnite.

All new players should know how characters can change in the game Fortnite, if you learn it you can change yourself into a new look whenever you want.

How to change character in fortnite

The Fortnite Custom Character option can help you make a unique character that represents you more accurately. You can use this to accessorize your Fortnite character and express your personality

You can change your character in Fortnite by following these simple steps.

  • anyways firstly, select your desired skin and then go to a menu titled “LOCKER.”
  • Once you have entered the skin, then you will all other defaulted skins. Now switch your new skin with any of your old skin.
  • You are done once you’ve selected your skin. That’s all there is to it!
  • Only the skins that are already unlocked will work with this.

If I Have No V-buck can I change Characters?

Fortnite gives new players only 8 characters, from which you get four male and four female characters the new characters of these 8 characters can’t change and customize them to your liking

You have to make all players use new characters to make you look different from each other in the game so that you look better than other players Only a few players can change to new characters in Fortnite who have V-bucks on their account, without v-bucks can’t change anything

If you want to make some changes in your skin or character in the fortnite game then it is very important to have V-bucks in your account without V-bucks you cannot change anything in the characters.

If you want new free Fortnite characters in the game, then all the tasks found inside the game have to be completed daily, as soon as the task is completed you will get some V-bucks, with the help of which you can buy new characters

You also have another option, with the help of which you can get New characters or skin In Fortnite without any hard work, for this you have to buy the game V-bucks.

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