Horror Movies of Hollywood 2020 Scariest New Films of the Year

Horror Movies of Hollywood = Hello Friends, today we are going to tell about the Best Horror Movies of Hollywood in this post. Everyone loves to watch movies, everybody likes to watch movies, someone likes to watch action movies someone likes to watch comedy movies, horror movies. If you also like watching horror movies, then you are reading the right post. Here we are sharing with you the list of Best horror movies of Hollywood which you must watch

Horror Movies of Hollywood

Horror films are made in both Hollywood and Bollywood. There is a lot of horror film in Hollywood, people still get scared by seeing that many such horror films have been made which seem really scary. These films have such dangerous and creepy scenes that weak-hearted people can never see – and it is not easy to watch them sitting alone. So let’s know about similar Horror Movies of Hollywood films.

13B: Fear Has a New Address

13B: Fear Has a New Address = This Flim was released in 2009. is all things like drama romance inside this movie which should be in every horror movie, which should not be bored with anyone, this movie is very old. But people still like to watch 13B movies today. When the trailer of this movie was released in 2009, it reached a million views on YouTube in a day.

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The ring

The ring movie is an American film. The story of the ring movie is based on a tape. This movie has been told to the movie that whenever someone sees this tape, he dies within 7 days of this film in 2002. Released – People still see these films, they have received many awards in some country.

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The Ward

The Ward is also a horror movie, even today, people cannot watch this movie sitting alone. There are many such horrible scenes in the film, which will be scared to sit alone. This movie was released in India in 2010.

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The Evil Dead

Evil Dead is the best movie in the horror series and it is a very old horror movie that was released in 1981, shown in such a movie that a devil is made on top of the book, that book tells about the demonic spirits.

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They are hidden in the Forest and some children play while playing and reach the same Forest where the devilish book was hidden and they find that book and start reading it. Land then satanic Atmaye comes to those guys film the country had won many awards at home and abroad.


The movie was released in 2018. Street Movie is a horror-comedy movie. This movie was selected in the highest-grossing Horror Movies of Hollywood in 2018 or the movie people still watch and love to watch because this movie has comedy romance. , Suspense’s Street Movie is a Real Incident Base Story

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1920 Bollywood Horror Movie, which is a drama movie. This movie was released in 2008 when this movie came out among the people, people liked it very much or the movie was the most-watched movie in all the horror movies from 2008 to 2010. If you have been watching a horror movie then you must watch this movie once.

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Darna Mana Hai

The movie Darna Mana Hai Released in 2003 is a very popular horror movie, the answer will be a lot of fun as you will see the movie because in this movie you will be told about different ghostly stories.

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The House Next Door

The House Next Door, released in 2017, is a perfect horror movie in which you will get to see a powerful story that makes the film special. Its innovative themes which is a Chines story base. The story of this film is about a neighboring house. In which the ghost is captured, you must also watch this movie, or when the movie is released, it is a very good response


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Disadvantages to Children

  • Due to fear in your mind, your child can be submissive. 
  • Due to fear, he may also lose sleep.
  • By watching a horror film, children often believe in such characters and things that are not in real life. 
  • Horror films use many different kinds of voices and scary pictures, which make children afraid and imagine them even in solitude. This always goes on in his mind.

Friends, this is Horror Movies of Hollywood 2020 List. If you like to watch movies, then you must watch these movies repeatedly.

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