Get Feather Slash in Roblox Anime Battlegrounds

Roblox’s Anime Battlegrounds X is a fighting game. People are very much liking this game because this game challenges the players to fight in the wild areas and with the help of fighters can fight very strongly against NPCs every in the game.

Players can also fulfill their desire to become a Super OP, as playing allows them to learn and upgrade the abilities they need to become a Super OP. One of them is Feather Slash.

Many players are constantly searching the internet for questions like how to get feather slash on the Roblox Anime Battlegrounds, but players are not getting the right information, through this article we will give you complete information to get feather slash. Feather slush is not very difficult to get, feather slash can be obtained by just following the given steps.

How To Get Feather Slash

All players want to get feather slash in Roblox anime but don’t know how to get it. First of all, you have to follow the official account of @RobloxABX and @SubZeroExtabyte on Twitter. Then, click the VERIFY button under the winged sword.

Input the Twitter handle used to follow the two accounts mentioned above, including the @ sign. Remember: This should be your Twitter username, not your Twitter name.

How To Use Feather Slash

Feather Slash is an ability that every player uses to defeat the enemy. It is very easy to use Roblox Anime Battlegrounds. Click on the corresponding icon on the left side of your mobile screen to open the ability menu and click on Feather Slash

If you’re playing this game on a computer, you should see it with a specified key at the bottom of the screen. To use the Feather Slash, click on the assigned key during battle.

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