Best Fortnite Escape Room Codes List

Fortnite allows friends to have an amazing thriller round as players fight against time trying to escape the escape room. To avail of these escape, rooms player needs to use special codes.

The Fortnite Escape Room Codes let players feel the thrill as they struggle to escape from amazing and specially designed surroundings. There are a lot of maps to choose from and each map is different from the other.

Escape Room: A creative model creation

Escape Room was first released in the game in 2018 under Fortnite’s Creative Mode. This mode is amazing because it grants players the superpower to design their maps and do whatever they want. The genre of the map does not need to have any limitations.

  • Players can create maps of genres ranging from Hiding and Seek, to Classic Gun games. Hence, you and your friends can have fun playing a completely customized game. One such must famous type of map in the creative mode is the Escape Room Fortnite.
  • If you have watched the movie Escape Room then you have an idea of the basic functionality of this map. Players will be provided with clues of puzzles that the players will have to solve to find the way out. The Escape Room Fortnite has Fortnite Escape maps that will provide you with loads of adventure and thrill.

The Escape Room Fortnite is famous because players have to run against time and hence it is very competitive. The escape room also puts the IQ of the players to the test and makes it difficult for players to survive the game. As players also get the liberty to choose a genre of their choice, the game becomes all the more exciting.

Wanna know about some of the best Rooms? Scroll down to read about them

The Hospital Escape Room

If you love to watch horror films that feature abandoned hospitals with ghosts running loose then the hospital escape room is something that you may love to play. Players who are bored with the Conjuring franchise should play this map because it does have the jump scares that you never expect.

However, players also need to have some excellent amount of grey matter in their heads if they want to survive because intelligence will play a deciding role. So, if think you are intelligent and brave, you must try the hospital escape room. The Fortnite escape room code of the hospital escape room is 6595-8752-4901.

Co-op Duo Puzzle Escape Challenge

If your CV has the term team-player as a skill then this genre is made for you. You can play this map with your friends. If you want to win this game then you will have to team up with your best friend because you need the ultimate combination of intelligence and teamwork to beat and map and win the game.

So, if you are a chess player then try playing this map with your chess mate. The Fortnite escape room code of the co-op duo puzzle escape challenge is 1264-1483-9792.

50 Ways out

If you are searching for a pure escape room-themed game then 50 ways out is a map that is created for people like you. Filled with thrill and lots of puzzles, this map has numerous small levels that the players will need to clear before advancing to the next round and eventually winning the match.

The map will be filled with tricky questions that may make you question your IQ. So, consider the gaming hazard before you dare to play the map. However, this can be a great way to polish up your intelligence that might make you pass the mathematics exam. The Fortnite escape room code list of 50 ways out is 5562-0386-0559.

Escape The Vampires

If you are a Vampire Diary fan and always wanted to have an amazing adventure with vampires then this is the appropriate map for you. Girls, beware, it is not Damon Salvatore who will capture you. It will be an uglier and more ruthless vampire, so be ready to run and save your lives.

Although this is not a pure Escape Room map, it is the kind that will entertain you for the next two hours. Also, be ready for some jump scares. After all, it’s Vampires. The Fortnite escape room code of escape the vampire is 9323-9190-5007.

The Yacht Escape Room

If you love to roam around on a cruise, this yacht escape map is just for you. You will travel in the middle of the sea and use those ultimate brain skills to figure your way through the landmark. But beware, you may get seasick. The Fortnite escape room code of the yacht escape room is 2385-3342-5568.

The aforementioned maps are only the ones that are trending in recent days. There are many more that you can enjoy. The genres are wide and the escape room code list is very long.

Fortnite Escape Room codes List

Escape Room MapCode
The Hospital Escape Room6595-8752-4901
Co-op Duo Puzzle Escape Challenge1264-1483-9792
50 Ways Out5562-0386-0559
Escape The Vampires9323-9190-5007
The Yacht Escape Room2385-3342-5568
Impossible Escape Room4481-4367-0516
The Haunted Castle0014-3242-3372
Winterfest Escape2512-0233-1209
First Person Visual Escape1211-9143-2539

Wanna redeem the codes to have a fun experience?

The Epic Games have made the process simpler and faster. Earlier, players had to go to the Creative Hub and then use rifts, but with some further updates, the process has changed.

Follow the following steps to have the ultimate thriller time

  1. Open the Fortnite game app and wait for you to be in the lobby.
  2. You need to press the ‘Corresponding’ button to change the game mode.
  3. Then you will have to scroll and find the ‘Island Code’ tab that is placed at the uppermost part of the screen.
  4.  the code of the map you want to play and then launch the map.

Where can you get the codes?

You can easily find the codes online and use them to enjoy the best thrilling experience. Fortnite escape room codes are available all over the internet.

So, these are the few steps you need to follow if you want to indulge yourself in some thrilling adventure. You are free to explore all the maps and find the perfect one for you. Hurry up the Fortnite escape room awaits you!

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