Tools and weapons are your best friends when you are playing Minecraft. It helps you survive throughout the game and also step up the levels. However, do you know most of the weapons can be enchanted in Minecraft? You can push the limit of these weapons by doing so.

In this article, we have discussed in detail about best enchantments in Minecraft, how to build the enchantment table, and how exactly enchantment works. Let’s dive in below.

Best Enchantments in Minecraft

Whether you are using a Bedrock Edition or Minecraft Java edition, these Minecraft best enchantments will work flawlessly. You can apply these enchantments on almost all the tools, weapons, and armor as well.

Here is the list of some best enchantments in the Minecraft game:

Mending: You can add this Mending enchantment to an item in Minecraft to let your gear last for longer. It uses the experience orbs to repair your armor. However, to use these orbs, you need to have the item equipped. One of the best things about mending enchantment is that you can repair multiple items at once. In case the armor has full durability, the XP orbs are added to the player’s experience.

Unbreaking: This enchantment gives the player a chance to avoid durability reduction. When used with the mending enchantment, this is more powerful. If you are enchanting level 3, the durability of the item shoots up to 700%. If it is applied to rare items (like netherite tools, Elytra, etc.), it gives the best results.

Sharpness: This enchantment can be applied to the Axe or a sword in Minecraft. It increases the damage caused due to the items. You can attack the mobs in a quicker way and also break the wood with a sharper axe. If you are using a Java edition of Minecraft, the sharpness is increased by 0.5X, and in the Bedrock edition, the sharpness is increased by 1.25X.

Protection: This enchantment is done on the armor. For every armor you enchant, it gives four additional armor points. Protection IV reduces the amount of damage that you receive from other sources.

Respiration: This enchantment is applicable to Turtle shells and Helmets. It is very useful if you are exploring oceans or harvesting coral. With this enchantment, you can increase the time of breathing underwater. This enchantment has three levels. The highest one gives you a maximum of 60 seconds time before you drown.

How to build an Enchantment Table in Minecraft?

In Minecraft Enchantment Table is a valuable tool that allows players to enchant their weapons, tools, and armor with various abilities and enhancements. To create an Enchantment Table, players need to gather specific resources and follow a few simple steps.

If you want to make an enchantment table in Minecraft, you need to arrange a crafting menu, one book, two diamonds, and four obsidian ores in the following order:

  • Place a book in the first row, the second column.
  • Now, place the diamond, obsidian ore, and one more diamond in the same order in the second row.
  • Now, place the rest of the three obsidian ores in the three columns present in the third row.

How to unlock Level 30 Enchantment in Minecraft?

Now that you know how to make an enchantment table, it is important to learn how to unlock level 30 enchantment as well in Minecraft.

To unlock level 30, you need to construct 15 bookshelves around the enchantment table. These bookshelves can be crafted by using 90 wooden planks and 45 books. Though wooden planks can be easily obtained, it is hard to obtain the papers. You can get the papers only through sugarcane.

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To craft 45 books, you need to have 405 pounds of sugarcane. This is because it takes three sugarcane to produce one piece of paper.


  • Place the enchantment table in the center of a 5X5 square.
  • Place 3 books in the front and 6 bookshelves on the right and left sides of the enchantment table, respectively.
  • Make sure to maintain one block of space between the bookshelves and the table.
  • If you place any items between the bookshelves and the enchantment table, you will not be able to unlock level 30.
  • With respect to the enchantment table, the bookshelves need to be placed at one block height.
  • Once you perform this right, you can see that level 30 is unlocked.

How does Minecraft Enchanting work?

Enchantment is one of the best ways to add/upgrade your armor, weapons, and tools abilities. Though new features cannot be added to the existing weapons or armor, surely the limits can be pushed.

Enchantments can usually be obtained by trading with the villagers, fishing in the oceans, killing the mobs, through Minecraft chests, etc.

Once you have the required enchantments, you can apply them to the armor, weapons, or tools by either using the enchanted books or the enchantment table. By increasing the enchantment level in Minecraft you will be able to defeat the enemies quickly, and also last longer in the game.

Final Words 

If you want to survive till the end and also keep moving up the levels faster in Minecraft, Enchantments are your best friend. You can try the above-mentioned best enchantments in Minecraft and also unlock level 30 with the process mentioned above.

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