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Alt Balaji web series List & Watch Popular Web Series:- Hello to all the binge-watching family out there! As we all know that tv series and other OTT platforms are the talks of the town and one simply can’t resist when it comes to content that is short, crisp, and rather matured- because that’s an ideal choice when it comes to letting out our frustrations of the day through a series like that, right?

This article is going to be super insightful as we will be talking about a platform that offers a series like that. Series that can keep you hooked and at the edge of your seats Series that can change your perspective- in away. that can as well, never get you bored.

This digital platform that we are talking about is none other than ALT Balaji Web Series List. We will be covering almost everything concerning the Alt Balaji web series download free and from various other sites. Stay tuned and keep on reading till the end!

What is Alt Bala Ji?

ALT Balaji is such a digital platform that is owned by Balaji Telefilms Ltd. The owner of Balaji Telefilms is Ekta Kapoor. For those who don’t know, Ekta Kapoor is the daughter of the veteran actor Jeetendra Kapoor, popularly known as “Jumping Jack” back in the days.

Launched on the 16th of April, 2017, Alt Balaji has been available in almost 32 different interfaces. It is available to us on our mobiles, tablet devices, and Apple phones.

ALT Balaji is such a platform that has a really good number of viewers from across India. The target audience is Indians only. You’d not just find a number of Alt Balaji web series list 18+ that can keep you hooked,

but there are also movies that are to be found providing you a certain range to explore and choose from. The content that you would find here is for a mature audience. There are erotic and sensual scenes that are meant for an 18+ eye.

Although ALT Balaji happens to compete with another OTT platform called Ullu, it still manages to score better than the former when it comes to the number of viewers. ALT Balaji never disappoints with better content that is for a mature audience.

ALT Balaji Web Serie List

Despite having a number of list of alt Balaji web series of super hit Web Series and movies, there are still a good number of shows to narrow down and talk about as they have managed to stay memorable in their fan’s heads.

Most of the Alt Balaji web series Hindi shows are given in this list that you can check out. For example, a show like

Gandi Baat (All Seasons)

Plot overview- Gandi Baat most-watched series of all the Alt Balaji web series, Gandi Baat season 1, 2, 3, and 4 has shown us a very different side of the sexual life of urban India. Most of the seasons focus on the urban side women either committing crimes,

getting their hands dirty, and getting real when it comes to their sex life. They will cross all boundaries with each season that will leave your eyes wide open! To venture into the fun properly, don’t forget to start with any other than Gandi Baat and learn about an absolutely different and refreshing side of urban India.

Class of 2020

Plot overview- An interesting coming-of-age series, Web Series Class of 2020 focuses on all the problems a teenager can face. From love to decisions, from certain struggles to committing mistakes- everything makes them eventually who they are at the end of the day. Class of 2020 Web Series is everything about that and is worth a watch!

Virgin Bhaskar

Plot overview- Here we present to you a story of a guy named Bhaskar who is 26 already and is an erotica novelist. Quite ironically, despite knowing so much about sex, he still practically is struggling to get some “real” action in life. Things turn around when Vidhi enters the picture, but does that change Bhasskar’s life all around?

Who’s Your Daddy?

Plot overview- Prem, Soggy and Tidda here are the people who will be remembering all of their sexual experiences in order to find out who exactly is the dad of Soggy’s real son! This is a crazy Web Series that will spin your head around but will also make you laugh out loud from time-to-time.


Plot overview- With almost two seasons with 6 and 5 episodes respectively, XXX and XXX: Uncensored is a Web Series with different episodes that explore one’s sexual relationships from different dimensions.

Every episode gets better with time and the scenes get super-steamy as well. This is one of Alt Bala Ji upcoming XXX Web series that has already made a good number of an audience curious. Watch and enjoy it already!

Dev DD

Plot overview- Unlike your typical choice of a girl, web series Dev DD is someone who can turn your thoughts around! Enjoy her life through a varying range of happenings that includes betrayal, love, drama, friendship, and fun! But the million-dollar question still keeping us curious- “Will Devika ever be able to find true love?”

Code M

Plot overview- Code M web series that speaks about an army lawyer, Monica Mehra who is handed a case that has to do with the death of an army officer and two other militant officers who are killed in an encounter. But the case isn’t as simple as it seems to be as things are much more complicated. Will Monica be able to solve this case?


Plot overview- What else can a writer ask for after his/her novel hits the bestselling list and gifts them the life they always dreamt of, right? Something similar happened to Kiyaan Roy after his novel became a hit amongst the readers in town.

But, deep in him, lay fantasies that are so dark and so deep that he can’t explore them entirely, until one day he figures this one person who has happened to keep an eye on him for a long time and is familiar with his dark fantasies. But here is where his downfall begins. Will Kiyaan be able to get everything back?

Apaharan- sabka katega

Plot overview- Aphararan Web Series will show you the story of Rudra Srivastava, a senior inspector who is told to carry out a kidnapping and like any other goon would do, release the girl in exchange for some money.

But, no! Things don’t end here and neither things are that easy. Rudra figures that he is actually a part of a conspiracy and has to figure out a way to anyhow come out of it. Will he be successful in doing so?

These are the selective and really addicting from the ALT Balaji web series that you can’t afford to miss! In case you are wondering where exactly you can grab all the episodes for free, you’re at the right place.

In this article, we would be focusing on some 2 or 3 ALT Balaji web series download mediums through which you can grab your hands at and download and enjoy these pretty interesting and steamy series on your mobile to watch.

How To Download Alt Bala Ji Web Series

Although there are several apps, sites, and various other mediums through which you can watch any ALT Balaji web series for free, we will be sharing all the effective methods that you can adapt and follow according to your will and whatever suits you best.

If you are someone who prefers streaming your web series online, then we have something for you. Especially when it is an ALT Balaji web series watch online free offer, you simply can’t say no to that, right?

Download Alt Bala JI Web Series

Here is an application that you can download which is called MOVIES TIME. This application allows you to stream your Web Series online and finish it off in a go without the hassle of mandatory downloading.

You can download this application by simply clicking on this link- and once you’ve done that, click an option called DOWNLOAD PROCESSOR and voila- you will reach an option that says something like this!

Press on the download button and now you’re good to go.

In this application, you can find a number of ALT Balaji web series lists where you can download series from. But do keep in mind, downloading an application instead of a legit ALT Balaji platform is illegal and strict actions can be taken against the ones found guilty of it.

For Downloaders

Talking about people who approve of strictly downloading their entire series and watching it and finishing it off in a go have options as well. This article will be providing you information on the Alt Bala Ji web series free download as well.

We all know that once things are on the internet, it is practically everywhere. So, the sources are unlimited. We will be talking about a few such sources that allow you to download Alt Balaji web series and enjoy it for free! You will require a VPN for this, but it will work.

The website is called Fztvseries and the link to this is wherein you can download all the episodes of the above-mentioned series. This website provides you a chance to both stream and downloads any web series on the planet! With any ALT Balaji web series in Hindi, anyone can dare to grab a chance and watch their favorite shows for free!

Apart from these two mentioned sites, there are mediums like the Telegram app from which you can download everything super easily. Telegram app is the most convenient mode of downloading any favorite series of yours.

But, as mentioned above, do remember that downloading and streaming from any illegal site is against the law and can put you in great danger. So, we recommend you to check out the ALT Balaji application. The packs are super affordable. The monthly pack for each month individually is ₹43 (one screen) and the annual pack costs up to ₹300 (one screen).

Appreciation and (constructive) criticism both are welcomed. In case you feel we’ve left out something or somewhere that concerns the Latest Alt Balaji web series, do let us know in the comment section below. Our team will get back to you and fix it ASAP!

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