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Free Clash Royale Account Email and Password | 100% Active Working Account:- Clash royale game was released on the 4th of January, 2016. This game can be played on your smartphone & computer as well. It is an online game that requires a good internet connection.

This game will be played in-game overworld after a few years of its release. Despite that, people are In such haste to play this game people online. Therefore, we are looking for ways to get a free clash royale account.

‘How to get free clash royale accounts’, Free working and free clash royale account generator’, and ‘clash royale account hack’ are some popular keywords used by players for this game online.

Are you looking for a working free clash royal accounts with an already provided email ID and password which works 100%? Then this article is exclusively for you.

To learn what all do you need to know, make sure you complete this article, and at the end of it, get free royal accounts for yourself.

Clash Royale Games Modes 2021?


  • Classic Decks (tournament levels)
  • Draft (tournament levels)
  • Sudden Death (own-card levels)


  • Normal Elixir (own-card levels)
  • Double Elixir (own-card levels)

How to Get Free Clash Royale Accounts Generator 2021?

Since Clash Royale is currently one of the most popular games that are created, players nowadays are seen looking on the internet for Clash Royale account generator tool to relieve their addiction as many websites on the internet come along with free account coins, skins, weapons, and other items that are usually given to players for free.

And because of this, the Clash Royale account generator has become very popular! If you are searching for free Clash Royale accounts you will find many websites on the Internet that claim to provide you with premium Clash Royale Accounts but will require you to go through a lot of surveys simultaneously.

After completion of these surveys, you will get details of Clash Royale accounts one after another. Send it to the ID but that free account is of no use.

These websites carry the sole purpose of earning money. If you share your information with them and share it with another 3rd party, they will end up pestering you by running ads from the information given by the third party.

I would advise you to not fill in your information by going to any fake Clash Royale Accounts generator. If you want to get a free Clash Royale Account, then I will share a working account list through this article which will work 100% for you!

Free Clash Royale Account Email and Password

I will be giving you a free Clash Royale Account which will enable you to play Clash Royale game. All the accounts that I will be giving you are 2 months old and active because I am also playing the 2017 Clash Royale game and it has kept me content.

It’s even better even you get to know the game tricks at the same time too! Due to this interest of mine, I have a collection of 916 Active Clash Royale accounts!

There are so many game lovers who purchase a Clash Royale account randomly that I have decided to distribute all the accounts for free through this article.

This is exclusively for a true clash royale lover and if anyone else tries to sell these accounts, their accounts can end up getting permanently banned.

User NamePassword
mehmetoz.2147@hotmail.com470021meh tahun110698
cazenas27@gmail.comcac4zntez lofidardenyrs
brady99@hotmail.combobby1 purdhn324_Yo
wwalker@yahoo.comtracey#@1 kass2#4654 rhino

Personal Experience Clash Royale Game

It was a long time ago when I came across this game, but I felt that this game was just a copy of Clash of Clans and there must be a third party involved to make this game.

One day I was reading about the tips and tricks of Clash of Clans. Also, the moment I began reading about Clash of Clans, I release advertisements for Clash Royale games began popping-up everywhere around my social media networks.

I am not the type of gamer who is crazy about a particular game randomly without playing it. When the ad began appearing on my profile one after another

I had to click on the ad then I released that it is a game published by Supercell. As soon as I release this, I immediately installed this game on my phone and started playing the game.

In the beginning, I did not understand it, but in 2-3 days, when I understood the game, I began enjoying playing it. From 2-4 hours to the whole day, I ended up playing the game almost every time I remember!

Today I have 916 working accounts of Clash Royale which I have provided in this article.

Final Word

If you see that the account is invalid, then you can choose another account because many people change their passwords after getting their account and end-up making that account their permanent account!

In case your account is not working, you should share your email ID in the comment box so that our team will send a free clash royale account email and password to your email ID within 2 hours.

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